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Killing mice, one at a time.Keep your hands on the keyboard and boost your productivity! Shortcat is a keyboard tool for Mac OS X that lets you "click" buttons and control your apps with a few keystrokes. Think of it as Spotlight for the user interface.

Using Shortcat to change DNS settingsExample: Using Shortcat to change DNS settings

Click with the keyboard

Shortcat is a unique application that enables you to click without using the mouse! Shortcat is particularly suited to fast typists.

You simply activate Shortcat with a keyboard shortcut, type a few letters that match the UI element you want to click on, and Shortcat will search the current active window (and menu bar) for matching elements.

Simply hit 'Return' to click on the desired element!

Works with most apps

Shortcat leverages the Accessibility API, which is supported by all applications that come with Mac OS X and most applications!

Finder, Safari, Xcode, Textual, Skype, Calendar and more are supported. Shortcat is constantly being updated to work better with more applications!

Be more productive

It takes an average of three seconds to move your hand from the keyboard to the mouse, clicking once, and then moving back to the keybord.

Shortcat lets you keep your hands on the keyboard to click, saving time and energy. Imagine all the time you could save!

Use cases

Below is a list of examples Shortcat can be used for:

  • Switching channels in Textual
  • Switching chats in Skype
  • Clicking links in chat apps
  • Changing settings in System Preferences
  • Browsing the web in Safari
  • Using apps within the iOS Simulator
  • Switching tabs in Chrome
  • And much much more! Users are discovering new uses for Shortcat every day


This screencast is outdated; new one is coming soon!

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